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Have :47 for Wynton Marsalis?

I’m not going out on a limb in saying teams can be tough. If you’re a part of a team or are leading a team, accounting for the personalities, egos, agendas and differing perspectives is a constant juggling act. A big--if not key--part of the trick is humility, and recognizing that being a part of a larger whole, produces a magic all its own. Here’s Wynton Marsalis, Managing and Artistic Director of Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.

Marsalis goes on to riff about the group's collective identity being more powerful than any individual identity. “I'm not less of a trumpet player because I play with the great Ryan Kizer, or Marcus Printup, Kenny Rampton. These great trumpet players that I have the opportunity to play with makes me a better trumpet player. I solo less, but I play better.”

How might this apply to you, as a leader or aspiring leader? How does this apply to you, as a talented individual on a team of talented individuals?


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