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Meet Dave & Lynnette

Bio for Dr. Hurst coming soon!

Dave Parker is the founder of Rootstrike Labs and an innovation guide, while Lynnette Cook is the director of bliss.


While each would rather not give away their ages, they are both approximately equidistant from the century mark and the big zero. That means that they have a) some life experience, and b) some professional experience. Life-wise, they’re happy to share if anyone’s interested. Work-wise, they’re happy to elaborate with their Curriculum Vitaes (what’s good marketing copy without some Latin?). Suffice it to say, they’ve done a lot. They’ve started businesses, served on boards, led nonprofit organizations and have been on the funder side of things. And they’ve failed. Alot. Again, happy to share.


In addition to having the Best Title in The Whole World, Lynnette is an educator and coach who believes in the power(s) of innovation and collaboration. Her obsession with people led her to spend a lot of time in school, resulting in degrees from THE Ohio State University and the University of North Carolina in social psychology, and a career in the nonprofit sector. She respectfully requests no judgment about her geeky love of school, big words, data and puppies.


Dave is a ‘generalist’ who knows enough to be dangerous if left alone. (Enter Lynnette). He loves ideas, and believes that good ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. He’s a humanities guy who stumbled into the world of entrepreneurship, and fell in love. Dave will brook no judgment about his humor, as he believes he’s very very funny, the world just hasn’t noticed yet.


Dave and Lynnette share a love of questions, and their favorite is:

Friends & Advisors

We don’t know everything. We can’t know everything. It is the same for us as it is for every guide, consultant, or expert of any kind. For this reason we continually seek a wide range of relationships—people with diverse experiences, diverse expertise and, most importantly, diverse perspectives. This enables us to be the best possible guides for you. Here are a few of such dear friends and advisors:


Charlice Hurst, PhD

University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business


Andy Horsnell

Social Enterprise Solutions


Rick Moyers

Independent Consultant to Philanthropy


Stephanie Brady


Want to be friends?

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