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What is a Rootstriker?

Rootstrikers are agents of social impact who pursue the impossible to make the world a better place. They combat seemingly insurmountable forces that afflict our most vulnerable populations. And they do it by cultivating an inexhaustible resource that is innate in all of us: creativity.


Rootstrike Labs fosters this community of Rootstrikers, and you're invited to come along for the ride.    

Hopeless to Fearless


As a social service professional, you are on the front lines of a battle against hunger, neglect, poverty, abuse, hate, disease. The care you provide is essential, and the compassion and empathy you embody are critical ingredients needed to sustain this work. How do you maintain the creative energy and presence necessary for this monumental work? How do you direct your own personal growth?

Rootstrike Labs’ Hopeless to Fearless offering is a no-cost professional development opportunity designed to fortify frontline social sector professionals’ ability to practice self-care, overcome fears, adapt to successfully navigate uncertainty, and to thrive in all things life. You will learn how work environments, positivity, and creativity contribute to well-being and success, and develop foundational skills for further practice.

Led by Lynnette Cook, PhD, and Dave Parker, Hopeless to Fearless starts with three foundational in-person sessions. In between these sessions, you will have access to additional enrichment resources, tools and exercises. Following these in-person sessions, you will remain a part of an ongoing community of learning and growth, also at no cost. 


  • Acknowledge your fears and learn how to manage them;

  • Understand a growth mindset and its role in problem solving and coping; 

  • Build strengths in all aspects of creativity; and

  • Engage in a cross-functional, multi-organizational community of professionals dedicated to increasing the sector’s capacity to become even more adaptive, courageous, mindful, and creative.

01/ Session

What a positive workplace looks like, and what individual team members can do to enhance their workplace environment; how adopting a growth mindset makes us more resilient, better able to face challenges and reduce anxiety, and less likely to rely on stereotypes; and where fear comes from, and how to be courageous in the face of fear. 

02/ Session

How to become more mindful, and some techniques for using mindfulness to address work challenges; and The creative process, and how it can be used for problem solving.

03/ Session

The difference between divergent and convergent thinking, and the role of each; and the CREATES model for building skills in each aspect of creative thinking (connect, reason, envision, absorb, transform, evaluate, and stream).

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Learning Circles

Join our online
community of learners.

We've compiled and organized more resources than you could possibly imagine, specifically for agents of social impact. We make these learning paths available and accessible to individuals and organizations looking to further their personal and professional development. 

Whether you join a Learning Circle as an organization or on your own, having peer-driven conversations and support make these tools and techniques less daunting to apply in real life. And the relationships you'll forge will carry you through the toughest of times. 

Request more information about joining our Learning Circles:
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