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All organizations are living systems. Large or small, incorporated or otherwise, your organization is a living system. Any program, policy, event, process or prodecure influences the others. All of our programming at Rootstrike Labs takes this critical reality into account.
Whether we're helping you increase your team's capacity to be creative problem solvers, practice self-care, scrutinize existing practices to unlock latent potential, or to discover new opportunities to flourish, we work within a Cultivate-Tend-Progress system. In organizations that thrive over time all three components are considered forever dynamic and given constant attention.



Cultivating an environment of ideas and possibilities starts with understanding where you currently are. What are the attitudes and perceptions of the individuals that give their working lives, and the volunteers gifting their time on your board, about the organization? We help you get a snapshot of attitudes and perceptions across four key dimensions of the organization; Purpose, Practice, Perception and People. The insight gathered here enables us to map a course to the type of environment conducive to agility and resilience, characteristics central to the high-performing organizations across all sectors and industries.


The Purpose of the organization should drive all of its Practices. Every single activity, be it programmatic, systems development and maintenance, resource development and so forth should be calibrated for maximal mission impact. This tending to these core activities requires deep understanding of the existing organizational business model, and a deep understanding of the context within which the organization works. A thorough, objective analysis in the Tend phase typically yields insights that lead directly to substantive earned revenue gains, efficiency gains as well as impact gains, as resources are more appropriately organized around programs that produce the most desirable results.


Once the core has been established (or confirmed) and there is alignment and enthusiasm across the four dimentions, the organizations that flourish remain open to new possibilities in the Practice area. This does two things: 1) keeps the organization relevant, as the world — our markets, communities, and so forth — are in constant flux, and any organization needs to stay dynamic in order to have staying power, and; 2) keeps the Practices of the organization from calcifying and falling into habitual patterns that cause the People and Perspective to stay locked in the past.


The good news is that the same discipline and know-how involved in the Tend phase, overlay directly onto the Progress phase. Where the Tend phase (which never really ends) looks at current Practice, the Progress phase looks at potential future Practice. 

Ready to change the world?

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