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Our Story

Our communities need a vibrant and dynamic social sector, a sector with Big IdeasRootstrike Labs provides agents of social impact the guidance, space and context to reframe and to develop creative capacities; space to think more boldly, reflect, go deep, try, fail, and try again. Space for untethered, messy, 'what if?' mind wanderings and 'how might we?' imaginings.

This is where the magic happens.

Sure, we guide you through the next steps too. Addressing key questions like: What do we do with all of these ideas? Which are most relevant to us, and to the people we help? Which of those will have the most impact? How do we do this sustainably?

The good news is that this can be done; the best news is that you can do this. You already have the required expertise and the most important assets. We can help you unlock their power.


We're guides first and foremost. We help you and your team CULTIVATE the conditions for creative and innovative thinking, better TEND to your core by applying new knowledge and insights, and to PROGRESS to a future rife with possibilities. This CULTIVATE-TEND-PROGRESS approach provides the framing for all of our programs.


Meet Dave and Lynnette and Rootstrike Labs' friends and collaborative advisors. We're a diverse group, have lots of life experience, and experience within organiztations—leading them, starting them, being members of teams. We are honored to meet you, hear your story, and look forward to exploring countless Big Ideas together.



Some of us think through writing, have strong (maybe even provocative!) opinions about current stuff, some like to riff in real time. Theories, ideas, examples; you'll find them here. And you can engage too, if you'd like. 


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